BlackHawk Data is proud to be a woman-owned business. Our CEO, Maryann Pagano, has always made it her mission to build a diverse and accepting workplace for all. As a result, our staff is made up of people from different backgrounds, races, genders and ages.

1. Support Diversity

When you work with a woman-owned business, you help support diversity in the workforce. Although women make up more than half of the United States population, women’s employment fell 9% in 2020.

Woman-owned businesses create jobs, employing more than 9 million people in the United States. When organizations support minority and woman-owned businesses, they create opportunities everyone can take advantage of.


2. Tax Incentives and Grants

The federal government offers tax incentives to organizations that support woman-owned certified businesses that are WBE certified. If you are looking to cut back on taxes next year, working with a WBE-certified company can help you reduce tax liabilities.

Additionally, woman-owned businesses are uniquely qualified for specific government grants. If your project falls under the qualifications, you may be able to secure government funding to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses and increase your ROI.


3. Increased Ingenuity

Working with woman-owned businesses promotes ingenuity. Woman entrepreneurs face many obstacles to start a business and often must develop more creative ways of solving problems than their male counterparts. Additionally, women offer different perspectives and life experiences. As a result, they continually challenge the status quo and help contribute to staying on the cutting edge of development.


4. Shared Resources

Woman-owned businesses offer access to shared resources, networking opportunities and events geared towards women’s success in the workforce. Additionally, woman-owned businesses work to support each other, meaning they often share technological advances and news that keep their businesses on the front end of progress. When you partner with a woman-owned business, you get access to that exclusive information.

Start Working with a Woman-Owned Business Today

BlackHawk Data is WBE-certified; we can help your business unlock all the benefits of working with a woman-owned organization. Our technical expertise and diverse team are trained to help you find technology solutions that fit your needs, reduce your cost and improve your ROI.

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