No matter the industry, businesses are becoming more dependent on technology every day and are taking a closer look at maximizing the operational efficiency and effectiveness of that technology. With the pressures of system stability, availability, and performance either running or ruining your business’s opportunity for success, it may seem like managing your technology is leaving you with little time to actually innovate.


To put it simply, having a managed services solution makes innovation possible for your business.


1. Let’s Talk Cost

With managed services, organizations can reduce operational costs, conserve capital budget and lower IT operating expenses. The biggest realized cost savings comes from upgrading outdated tech — which is often an unexpected drain for a company — and the expense of IT labor — which when unexpected means budget-draining overtime.

2. Experience Counts

Investing in the managed services business model tackles existing labor constraints and prevents internal IT departments from always having to play catch-up. An experienced tech team at your disposal gives you access to the latest technology and business-grade solutions that maintain uptime, profitability, and the reliability your IT infrastructure.

3. Always-on Security

No organization wants to become the next headline in a high-profile data breach or data loss incident. Along these lines, CompTIA found that compliance, especially with regard to PCI security standards, is a leading adoption driver for managed services, helping customers identify issues early and eliminate them before they evolve into complex, time-consuming IT headaches.

4. Less Waiting, More Working

Fully managed IT support can troubleshoot and remediate glitches or bugs, and detect potential disturbances and vulnerabilities before you even know they were there. Hate losing time as updates install? Managed services can update your software when no one’s working, saving time, money and frustration.

5. Call for Backup

Managed services ensure that all your data is backed up and the archive is configured properly, so if a natural disaster, human error or network glitch occurs, you can easily restore systems, and find and retrieve your data for stronger business continuity.

6. Stay Up-to-Date

A leading system vulnerability that affects so many organizations is having outdated tech. Solutions no longer supported by developers are an open door to ransomware attacks, just ask those affected by WannaCry in 2017. A managed services solution identifies and upgrades your business-critical systems, optimizing system lifecycles so you’re never left hanging.

7. Breakthrough Slowdowns

Managed services help optimize your system’s performance and remove bottlenecks that drive everyone crazy by identifying issues and solving them before they have a chance to stifle employee productivity or cause customer frustration.

8. Unleash Innovation

Having a managed services provider to cover all your mundane tech tasks frees your tech team to work on strategic projects that elevate your business’s ability to innovate. Managed services help a business better utilize individuals’ IT talents, increasing operational efficiency and decreasing employee turnover.

9. It’s Uncomplicated

A managed services provider can interface with vendors on your behalf, ensuring that any issues you encounter are troubleshot and resolved promptly. You’re always in the loop, without wasting any of the time.

10. Competitive Edge

With the 9 benefits mentioned above, it only makes sense that you can also gain a competitive advantage when you aren’t having to focus on your IT and can instead focus on your business. Managed services help you not only overcome business challenges, but also helps you drive seamless growth and unlock new opportunities to easily get ahead of the crowded competition pool.


About BlackHawk Data Managed Services

BlackHawk Data’s comprehensive suite of managed services enables you to move beyond time-consuming tasks and focus on what really matters. Our core managed service offering includes 24x7x365 monitoring and management services that go beyond the simple break-fix model and proactively provide the information you need to anticipate change and reduce risk.

We enable you to scale seamlessly with your operations, making new service delivery possible even with a small, agile IT team. Our highly experienced team of industry veterans is ready to deliver best-of-breed IT management solutions for you. Contact us today to see how we make innovation possible.