Ask any SMB owner what their top daily concerns are and you’ll get a variety of answers, though when you dig down, every answer comes to this one challenge: efficiency. Whether it’s enhancing their performance or getting more out of every dollar, efficiency is behind it.


The dream that technology can make your business more efficient can sometimes become a nightmare when your trusted source of calm isn’t monitored or managed properly. And, unless you’re also an IT guru, you need someone to handle that for you.


Having managed IT services for your business can help you get a good night’s sleep, by helping you drive efficiency throughout your business, as well as provide you with peace of mind knowing your tech is in the best hands.


Get More and Do Less

With a managed service provider (MSP) on your team, you can reap the many rewards of greater efficiency.


Save Money

Going with a managed services solution is half of what you’ll pay for a fix-and-repair call. And with the base salary for an IT Specialist in the greater New York City area at $80,000, you can have a whole team of experts committed to your business for a whole lot less.


Protect Your Business

Every day, unprepared SMBs are hit with security breaches and ransomware attacks, making it impossible for many of them to recover. An MSP will strengthen your entire security posture by monitoring all threats, prioritizing their harm, and mitigating any issues.


Eliminate Downtime

With proactive monitoring as part of your managed services solution, your MSP will know your system so they can quickly identify, diagnose, and address any potential issues before they become problems, so you can get more out of every hour.


Hasten Recovery

Should a natural disaster, broken pipe, fire or employee error strike your business, paying for a recovery attempt can cost as much as $10,000 for a service that may not be successful. And 60% of SMBs that lose their data will be out of business in six months. An MSP will make sure your data is backed up and easily recoverable, so you can get back your feet quickly.


Encourage Innovation

Managed IT services frees you and your staff from the monotony of administrative IT tasks to work on strategic and innovative projects.


Streamline Business Processes

A dedicated team of IT pros can help streamline and speed up your business processes driving greater efficiencies for your team and making it possible for you to enjoy your ride as a business owner.


Get a Good Night’s Sleep

With 24/7 remote support that is always on, you can not only get a good night’s sleep. An MSP is your own team experts — from a desktop support technician who can handle your daily tickets to a senior engineer for larger projects.


From One SMB to Another

At BlackHawk Data we get it. Our team of experts is focused on helping you reach your goals. Sure, we can tell you all about the decades of experience our team has, the certifications our engineers have worked so hard to earn, and the breadth of our technology knowledge. It’s all true, but what really matters most to us is that we can provide you with customized managed IT services that make it easier for you to sleep at night, knowing that your tech is in the best hands.

Desktop and PC Support – We’ll ensure your devices are updated and secure, provide helpdesk support should an issue arise, resolve any incidents, and even remote troubleshoot user concerns.

Network Infrastructure – As our partner, you get end-to-end support for all your network devices while also making sure your data is backed up and archived should a disaster occur.

Voice/Unified Collaboration – We’ll keep all your communications devices in working order and backed up with the latest security and firmware, keeping your team connected.

Managed Security – We monitor all events and manage any incidents that come up, as well as classify, prioritize and contain all security incidents that threaten your business.

Vendor Management – We take that off your hands, since we already have those relationships in place, so you can get more and do less.

Product and Lifecycle Management – Windows 7 will soon be coming to its end of life, forcing many users to upgrade. We can ensure that your products are upgraded and updated before their status becomes detrimental to your business.

You may be an SMB, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your big dreams come true. BlackHawk Data Managed Services will help you make IT happen.