The BlackHawk Data team has been involved in building networks for airports in the tri-state region for over a decade. Over the years we have migrated the regions largest airport from legacy technologies, such as analog phone systems, serialized communications, TDM circuits and SONET backbones to modernized technologies including VOIP, WDM communication backbones, wireless, PCI compliant parking revenue system, IP based CCTV and access control as well as hundreds of other subsystems throughout the years. When we were approached to work on the new terminal at Newark Liberty International Airport  we jumped at the opportunity to start with a fresh slate rather than trying to unravel systems that had been in place for longer than I have been alive.


The vision for the new Terminal-A was to build a state of the art terminal that would rival any in the world with technology being the focus to enhance the travelers experience from automated check ins, guidance systems to even automatic docking guidance and baggage handling to increase the efficiency of the terminal reducing wait times, increasing flight volumes and overall decreasing the amount of time the passenger spends getting from the parking lot to in the air.  This opportunity for some of the team members at BlackHawk Data who had worked on the current EWR terminals was a dream come true to see it from the ground up and be part of solving the challenges and changing the future of transportation for the region. 


The BlackHawk Data team has been involved with the project long before the first fiber cable was pulled or rack installed, actually the first time we visited the site it was only a concrete pad where the building was to be constructed. The BlackHawk Data team was integrated into the design of the network, voice and cyber security system for the new terminal, which allowed for our team to provide insight into the design from the years of airport systems we had supported. As the design grew and evolved to encompass all of the airport subsystems, the focus remained to build a fully redundant, highly secure and scalable system. These are all normal design premises we take into any project but security in this context is different than normal enterprises as the stakes are beyond revenue loss or business interruption but that of the safety of the public. With the new terminal having thousands of HD surveillance cameras, door sensors, air quality monitors, occupancy intrusion sensors, crowd shift detection, and a number of classified systems to ensure public safety there is no room for error or downtime as the results can be catastrophic.

The BlackHawk Data team has a passion for building these types of facilities and serving the public our foundation was built upon the transportation and safety of the NY region being lead engineers for the reconstruction of World Trade Center, the modernization of the PATH system, and LGA redevelopment.


The solution details are confidential but we are always honored to be part of the process of making our region a better safer place for all.


We will post updates as the new terminal progresses and we hope to see you there!


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