As innovation expands throughout aviation, the networks of many large airports are being taxed in keeping up with it. Passengers demand streamlined services with, of course, the greatest measure of physical and cybersecurity.


Airlines need to follow requirements and protocols throughout the journey. And new technologies are introduced constantly in order to address these wants and needs. Airport networks are carrying all the burden from the parking garage to the tarmac.

BlackHawk Data gets it. For decades their experienced engineers have partnered with many high-traffic, international airports to work networking magic, enabling these hubs of activity to keep up, and often, get ahead of demand.

Here are 5 ways BlackHawk Data keeps aviation flying high:


  1. Understand Unique Aviation EnvironmentsOur team of engineers has decades of experience, a lot of that is solving problems that are unique for aviation environments. Whether it’s dealing with end-of-life SONET products that are no longer being made or covered by the manufacturer, enabling greater cyber and physical security coverage or addressing Mother Nature’s challenging heat or cold, we’ve done it. And since we know in aviation it’s always about time, we can do it faster — and more effectively — than anyone else. In fact, the team replaced an entire airport’s security ring in just 36 hours. How’s that for staying on schedule.
  2. Keep Mobile Command Units ConnectedSeveral large international airports have relied on our team to ensure that Mobile Command Units are always ready with dependable wireless and VoIP communications. There’s no time during an emergency to second-guess the communication and collaboration capabilities of those engaged in keeping travelers, staff and property safe from a variety of possible attacks or crises. For one of our clients, we quickly optimized their solution by providing networking equipment for secure, 4G network connectivity to all Mobile Command Vehicle users — over 20 — more than the competition could ensure.
  3. Streamline Unmanageable Security Networks Security is always top of mind when it comes to airports. But with disparate security products, in a variety of ages, from a host of vendors, managing a security network can make it nearly impossible to ensure the security of the facility and its occupants. Our team of technical security experts understands the pain points that airports encounter when it comes to their security networks. Our solution removes all of the added device hops a lot of security networks encounter to reach a gateway, and clears away layer-2 issues, such as broadcast storms or MAC floods that can cripple the entire segment. Forget confusion, we make security simple.
  4. Enable Greater Visibility into the Network Airport environments can be challenging, and to further complicate things out-of-date equipment, such as a routable subnet, can leave airport administrators without the management capabilities they need to drive efficiency. If you don’t have visibility into your network, then how can you see what you may be missing? Our engineering team lets you know exactly what your network is doing, so you can simplify your monitoring and easily troubleshoot an issue, should it arise, before it becomes a problem. Seeing is believing.
  5. Maintain Consistent Service Even During ReconstructionWithout the right team on your side, the best of game plans will fall short. When one airport was undergoing a face-lift, they relied on our engineers to either move or replace the network at each location, and do it without personnel every missing a beat when it came to serving passengers. We had a playbook in place that ensured all services — public safety, life safety and aviation — were maintained during the reconstruction. Though this involved having team members present around the clock, we were committed to doing the job right.

Whether it’s a large international hub or a small municipal airfield, the BlackHawk Data team has the aviation expertise needed to ensure reliability, security and accuracy.

You can say we’re grounded in experience to keep your passengers up in the air.


About BlackHawk Data

BlackHawk Data is focused on delivering the best solutions for their customers from design to support. We ensure that every solution not only is the best on day one, but for the life of the system. With the BlackHawk Data deploy and support model, the customer avoids the pitfall of only installing solutions that can be supported with their staff’s current knowledge, instead of the best available.

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