What inspired you to pursue a career in IT?

The world is seeing a shift towards cloud infrastructure and being a part of the growth to educate companies on why technology is the future is an important shift which is a very exciting opportunity.


What is the most challenging part about being a woman in IT?

Never view your gender as a challenge in any industry! However, if I had to pick one “challenge” it would be that this industry has a higher demographic of males who have been in this industry a very long time so the expertise and knowledge they have can be overwhelming for a woman who is new to the industry. If you are eager to learn from their experiences while adding your own flare of knowledge, you will be off to the races!


What inspired you to pursue a career in IT?

Like many people in our industry, I backed into my career in technology via Higher Education. As the Deputy Director of Enrollment Management at Fordham University, I was the liaison between our Enrollment division and the Information Technology group that supported our efforts. Cambridge Technology Partners, a business consulting organization, came looking for leaders in the higher education space, to join their team of consultants focusing on ERP implementations in the higher education market space. That was my entrance into the world of technology, cloud and cyber solutions. The rest is history…


What is the most challenging part about being a woman in IT?

The fact that there are so few female leaders in our industry is alarming. The industry, unfortunately, doesn’t foster an environment where women can flourish. The lack of representation for women in tech can hinder a woman’s ability to succeed in the industry. We have very few mentors and sponsors available for women to grow and thrive within their roles. It can be even more isolating as a female leader/executive in the world of Big Tech because unfortunately the “Bro Culture” is pervasive. The biggest challenge is finding the right network and identifying opportunities to promote each other.


What is the most rewarding part about being a woman in a leadership role?

Finally having the chance to lead, mentor, and teach others is absolutely the most rewarding part of this leadership role. Everyone can always have leadership titles but it’s what they do with their title that makes all the difference. If you are a woman in a leadership role, you need to harness your position and enlighten other women to believe in themselves and let them know that their passions can guide them to successful careers.


Why is diversity in business important to you

Diversity is having people in an organization with different opinions, backgrounds, cultures, and talents. Diversifying a business means embracing each and every aspect of people’s viewpoints to spark new ideas, have more well-rounded discussions, and allow the business to pivot in ways you may not have thought of before.


What advice would you give an aspiring female IT leader?

Take the leap. Do not be intimidated to work in an industry you are not familiar with. Careers are always changing and if you have the chance to learn and expand your career in a new area that motivates you, go for it. You only grow as an individual when you take the next step with something that challenges you so never hesitate and underestimate your abilities.


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