What inspired you to pursue a career in IT?

As a college grad, I was studying for the LSAT and working at a law firm when I fortuitously applied for a Sales Internship at Epicor Software. I was the first intern hired and after a summer of sales training, I joined the company full-time supporting the Channel for the Americas. I didn’t know how rewarding my career would be at the time but it was an unparalleled decision.


What is the most challenging part about being a woman in IT?

It’s intellectually challenging to keep up with industry trends and the evolving cybersecurity landscape. Luckily, I’ve been fortunate enough to work for leaders and organizations that have continually invested in my education and success.


What is the most rewarding part about being a woman in a leadership role?

Driving strategy and selling especially in the NYC region requires fearlessness, resilience and tremendous grit. Having those characteristics naturally and working alongside brilliant mentors, bosses and colleagues is incredibly rewarding.


Why is diversity in business important to you?

Diversity is critical because it fosters greater innovation, productivity and creativity.


What advice would you give an aspiring female IT leader?

Not once did I believe that there were boundaries or limits to what I wanted to achieve in my career. You can have a direct impact on transforming the technology sector because women bring unique skill sets, knowledge and experience to leadership teams. Set high expectations and goals for yourself while observing and listening to your mentors and colleagues that motivate you to succeed.


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