Even though 64% of business are using some form of managed services, there are still a plethora of myths floating around that are discouraging so many others from reaping the rewards of having experienced IT support specialists monitoring and managing their tech.


“Whether you’re on the fence or not, BlackHawk Data busts some of the myths around managed services.”


Myth #1: We already have an IT team, we don’t need managed services.

There can be a reluctance from your IT staff to bring on an MSP. Without proper communication, this change can send the message that you’re phasing your IT staff out. However, having an MSP can do the exact opposite, and instead enable your staff to focus on innovating and growing the business. Doing mundane day-to-day tasks leads to burnout for highly skilled IT professionals. Which in turn causes them to look for more challenging work. Let BlackHawk Data handle your updates, keep your network humming, change protocols to ensure security and compliance, manage your vendor partnerships, and provide specialized services when and where you need them most.


Myth #2: Partnering with an MSP won’t make my business any more secure.

Most companies underestimate their vulnerabilities, making them candidates for a variety of threats and even open to business-crushing breaches. Unless you have security experts on your staff, you’re at risk. In fact security was the leading factor for companies to partner with an MSP, according to a CompTIA survey. With the expertise and experience to stop threats before they become attacks and quickly mitigate those that do get through, the BlackHawk Data team can alleviate the likelihood of your business being another breach statistic.


Myth #3: Using an MSP could even make my business more vulnerable and less secure.

It can be a little unnerving when thinking about someone else having access to your systems. Natural fears of being sabotaged, having your business secrets stolen, or having customer data compromised lead some SMBs to try to do it all on their own. You never have to worry about BlackHawk Data’s team doing any funny business. We are more than happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to ensure that you have peace of mind. When we’re working with you, we consider ourselves part of your team and are only committed to making your business more secure.


Myth #4: Our business is unique and MSPs don’t customize their solutions.

This one is half right — some MSPs prefer to adapt your network to how they do things instead of adapting to your needs. Our team is more interested in being an extension of your team so we offer personal service and a personal plan geared to fit your architecture and the way you do business.


Myth #5: Only big businesses can benefit from managed services.

Though many enterprise businesses have partnered with MSPs to fill in their IT gaps, SMBs — with growing IT needs and a lack of a dedicated IT support staff — can benefit the most by having an MSP on their side. Our certified team provides small businesses with the big benefit of world-class, full-circle services that they can always count on.


Myth #6: Managed services cost too much.

When you factor in downtime, damage to your reputation, a lackluster customer experience, loss of productivity, and the cost of hiring an IT specialist for just one hour of problem solving, it adds up to costing your business so much more than you think. BlackHawk Data is more than just a break/fix service for your company. From monitoring your technology in order to prevent issues to managing those problems if they occur, we provide 24/7 support that is unmatched in the industry. By the time you could have someone come in to fix a problem, we already have you up and running again.


Myth #7: MSPs are all the same.

BlackHawk Data may provide many of the services other MSPs are offering, but our value is in our certified team of experts who not only know IT, but are committed to learning what you need and providing you with products, services and support that are unmatched in the industry. When we say we’re an extension of your team, we mean it.

From the desktop to the infrastructure and all points in between, we provide you with trusted end-to-end managed services, delivered by certified and experienced IT specialists, every hour of every day. We deliver best-of-breed IT management solutions that are customized to your needs and fit your budget.

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