There’s a lot of talk in the news about ransomware, but what is it?

As the name suggests ransomware is a malware that hijacks your network and devices, and holds your data for ransom. These cyberattacks expertly exploit vulnerabilities in your system. With the drastic increase in ransomware over the past year, organizations of all sizes are investing in robust cybersecurity solutions to stave off attacks.

The question is, what should you be looking for in a network security software solution?

Reliable and Reputable Partner

It’s important to use cybersecurity solutions from a reputable company that you know, instead of a cheaper brand that you’ve never heard of. Many organizations make the mistake of skimping on their antivirus software, thinking they’re saving money. They could actually pay a lot more in ransom. Maintaining a strong network firewall and keeping your security software up-to-date are also critical.

Reputable cybersecurity companies, like Fortinet, invest a lot in R&D to understand the nuances of attacks—how they’re implemented, who was targeted, is it a known malware signature or not—to create preventative counterbalances.


Sandboxing is a practice where an unknown piece of information transferred over the network is quarantined, taken off the production environment and tested. If it has malicious behavior, a code is developed (malware signature) to detect and block the malware. FortiSandbox is an AI-based sandboxing security solution that pre-emptively combats threats, such as ransomware, and protects dynamic attack surfaces that are vulnerable due to IoT and cloud-based services.

Mail Filtering

Mail filtering examines inbound email based on different policies, such as trusted domain names, keywords in the email, etc. to extract the good from the bad, preventing phishing and social hacks. Fortinet’s FortiMail solution integrates with cloud-based email platforms to deliver only safe messages and inspects outgoing mail to ensure no sensitive information is shared. It also prevents employees from installing malicious attachments.

Network Access Control

End-to-end network visibility and control is more important than ever with more nodes and IoT devices accessing your network. Network Access Control (NAC) provides visibility into every device connected to your network and controls how much can they access. This blocks malware from propagating and infecting multiple devices at one time. FortiNAC’s automated responsiveness enables your system admin to not only block and restrict device and user access, but also respond quickly to events.

Assess Your Vulnerability

BlackHawk Data takes your cybersecurity one step further, by providing you with a team of experts to help you determine your current vulnerabilities and mitigate risks before they threaten your business.

BlackHawk Data’s Network and Security Optimization Assessment takes a look at your entire network, drawing attention to the gaps in your network security and providing you with solutions to fill those gaps. We partner with the industry’s leading vendors and can help you choose the best fit for your needs now, and as you scale. Our Managed Cybersecurity Services can even take the burden of security off your plate, giving you peace of mind and more time to grow your business.

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