Like most entrepreneurs, Maryann Pagano and Jason Caparoso looked forward to when they could take their years of technology experience and turn it into their dream of having their own company. It was a pretty big leap since:

  • Statistics say that most start-ups fail within the first 6 months
  • The IT business is overwhelmingly a male-dominated industry
  • Less than 20% of Tech CEOs are women

But this didn’t stop them. In early 2018, they both left their jobs and ventured out on their own. Before they even got to the “start” of their “start-up” they faced a hurdle that ate up their investment capital. But neither Maryann or Jason were quitters and instead persevered.

With Maryann’s leadership, sales and marketing experience, and a proven track record of driving business outcomes, plus Jason’s network engineering and design expertise, they launched BlackHawk Data in June of 2018. Setting up shop in the Empire State Building, they started serving customers by offering innovative technology solutions tailored to suit each unique client.

Within 5 months, they smashed statistics, turning their uphill battle for independent ownership into an over $1 million win. At the helm as CEO, Maryann smashed the stereotypes and stuck to her core values of ensuring BlackHawk Data’s clients received the highest level of service to meet their needs and enabling them to focus on their business and not worry about their technology.

With a unique perspective on the technology business, Maryann and Jason’s mission of putting their clients at the center of their business — in both promise and practice — is changing how technology is designed, delivered and managed. Serving both public sector entities — with a variety of business regulations — and private sector enterprises, BlackHawk Data gets to know each client so they can deliver on each business’ individual needs.

Through every step — from getting the required certifications to finding the right vendors to partner with to all the nuances of administration and marketing — the BlackHawk Data team has remained committed to gaining their clients’ trust by working hard to deliver on their promises and staying true to their founders’ values.

This is only the beginning. Our story continues with your success. Find out what we can do for you.