Meet Jacquie Rives | Community Leader, Women of the Channel Leadership 


We celebrate diversity and inclusion in the IT space. As a woman-owned business, BlackHawk Data knows the extra steps women have to take to find their way up the ladder in IT. We applaud the efforts of women in technology to rise above biases and create paths for others to follow. Holding roles like Engineering Team Lead, IT Department Manager, and COO in various verticals from banking to construction, Jacquie Rives has a wealth of knowledge to share from her 30 years of experience in technical roles—starting in the military, moving across various verticals,  and landing at The Channel Company.


What is the most challenging part about being a woman in IT?


I am coming up on 30 years in predominantly male-dominated verticals. As I write this, it is even difficult for me to imagine! From being in the US Army to continuing my career in the IT Industry, the one challenge that rings true for me is being underestimated for what I can learn and do. 


I found myself telling people my age or ‘years of experience’ as a defense against their assumptions that I am young, just starting out, or not capable. In all honesty, it had nothing to do with my age, it was more about letting them know what my experience was and that I am smart and more than capable of learning and excelling. I have taken on or fought for big challenges outside of my comfort zone to prove to myself (and others if I am being honest) that I could accomplish anything I set my mind to.WITNOW - JacquieRives


What is the most rewarding part about being a woman in tech?


The most rewarding part of being a woman in tech is creating space for others to share their voices, giving them the runway to excel and grow, and serving them by trying to lead as the best example possible. We are human, and we are inevitably going to make mistakes; it’s important to show up, be accountable, be authentic, and share how you will improve next time.


Is there anything else you would like to share?


No matter the windy road of your career, do not give up on your dreams! I can honestly say that I found mine in my current role today serving as the Community Leader of Women of the Channel Leadership Network. As a member from the start, it was like finding a home where I was welcomed and could connect with other women in every aspect of their careers or journeys. I found my voice and support here, and I want others to feel safe to do the same.


Keep IT Diverse

As a woman-owned business, BlackHawk Data knows firsthand the extra effort it takes to succeed as a woman in the technology space. For this reason, we make space for and celebrate the stories of women in tech in hopes of inspiring others. Discover what else we’re doing to support diversity and inclusion in IT.


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